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Why not just organize the trip without using School Time Travel?

Good question. The first big advantage to traveling with School Time Travel is that we have been escorting students and their teachers to Washington, DC for more than 30 years.  Additionally, and very important, School Time Travel was founded by teachers, and we only hire teachers who are retired,have left the profession, or are able to supplement their income by working as escorts.  All of our escorts have current CORI status, and are knowledgeable about all the important historic and cultural sites on your tour.

Can a tour be put together with participants from different parts of the country, or from countries outside the United States?

Absolutely! Our travel experts at School Time Travel will work with you to coordinate everything. We will manage all of the details for you, leaving you to enjoy yourself while we deal with all the travel related issues.

Why should my school or youth group travel with School Time Travel?

School Time Travel was started by teachers who wanted their students to experience the excitement of a visit to our national capital.  Over the past thirty years, we have kept our trip current, worked with our schools to shape and build the very best tour of Washington, while at the same time, always being aware of the economics of student travel.

What about chaperones?

Generally, we suggest the number of chaperones be determined by the age of the students in the group, the length of the tour, as well as the destination. For a typical 3-5 day tour to Washington, DC, New York City, or Philadelphia, we suggest one chaperone for every six to eight middle or high school students. For trips involving foreign travel, we suggest a 1 to 6 ratio.

What about restaurants?  High school and middle school students can be difficult to feed. Can you help with this?

Again, we work with our client schools in an effort to meet their needs.  Typically, we use restaurants that offer students choices.  We can also customize your trip to include an exclusive dinner dance cruise on the Potomac River, a visit to the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, or what ever meets your groups specific needs.

What about hotels and accommodations?

At School Time Travel, we have contacts with most of the major hotel chains located in and around Washington.  We work with our schools to help them find the very best hotel that meets their needs, including, the very important budget.  Generally, in an attempt to deal with costs, we suggest that students grades 5-8   be housed in quads (four to a room), and high school students be housed in doubles ( two per room).

Can School Time Travel help us with night time security at our hotel?

Absolutely!  We work with some of the best security firms in the metro area to provide a safe and secure environment.  Additionally, our hotels all have closed-circuit cameras located througout their facilities.

When School Time Travel gives us a quote, does it include transportation?

At School Time Travel, we are prepared to provide you with what ever you require.  If you would like us to deal with treansportation, hotels, sightseeing, meals, security, we ar ready and able to handle all of those issues.  If you only require some of our services, we can help arrange that for you as well.

 If I purchase a trip, and something happens, are there refunds?

  1. Customers will receive a full refund when cancellation is received 40 days prior to departure.
  2. Cancellations received at our Plymouth office 39-20 days prior to departure will be assessed a $300.00 per person administration charge.
  3. Cancellation received at the Plymouth office from 19-10 days prior to departure will be assessed a $400 per person administrative charge.
  4. Cancellations received at the Plymouth office from 9-2 days prior to departure will be assessed a charge of $400 per person. Forty-eighthours before departure up to the exact date of departure will be assessed a $500.00 per person fee. Tours priced less than $500 will be assessed the full cost of the tour.
  5. No shows forfeit entire cost of the tour.
  6. School Time Travel may provide cancellation insurance for this trip as stated in the Terms and Conditions.