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Terms and Conditions

The applicant agrees to the following terms and conditions.

Reservations, Deposits and Payments: To reserve a space on a tour, you must submit an application accompanied by a deposit in the amount of a $200. Make checks payable to School Time Travel. A $25 processing fee will be charged for each check returned by your bank for any reason. Payments made within 30 days of departure must be in the form of a certified check, cashier’s check or money order. Please do not send cash at any time. Allow 2-4 weeks for processing of your application. Applications received within 30 days of departure must be accompanied by full payment. Late applicants will be placed on a waitlist pending space availability, and, if not accepted onto the tour, will receive a full, 100% refund.

Payment Deadlines:

Initially: $100 Deposit
February 2 balance due for departures Mar 1 – Apr 30
March 1 balance due for departures May 1 – May 31
April 1 balance due for departures June 1 – July 31
For departures Aug 1 – Feb 1, final payment is due 90 days prior to departure.

Elective Cancellation/Withdrawal: Individuals may withdraw from the tour at any time, but must do so in writing. Telephone cancellations will not be accepted. Notification by postal mail, or email is acceptable, and must bear a clear date of submission or a postal service postmark. The main group organizer may cancel any participant’s position on the tour, in writing, for any reason.

Refunds: Refunds are based on the date of withdrawal, as determined by the date of the withdrawal letter as described above. Persons cancelling will receive a full refund less the cancellation fees listed below, and the nonrefundable items described in the section below. Allow a minimum of 30 days for processing. No exceptions will be made.

Refund policy: Withdrawal
60 days or more before departure: refund in full
59-30 days before departure: refund less $100
29-2 days before departure: refund less $350
Less than 48 hours before departure: refund less $400
No refunds for no-shows

In addition, airline tickets and penalties, trip cancellation fees, insurance fees, special arrangement fees, and optional excursions are non refundable. Substantial payments and deposits are made on travelers’ behalf to airlines, hotels, bus companies and overseas suppliers well in advance of departure, and are mostly non-refundable.

Substitutions: Persons wishing to withdraw may substitute another person at least 90 days before departure. Notification of cancellation with substitution must be made in writing to School Time Travel. The withdrawn participant will receive a refund of all sums paid. If School Time Travel cannot accept a substitute, for any reason, the original participant must abide by the published refund policy.

Delayed Return Flights and Travel Extensions: If an individual desires to travel on different dates from those of the main group, whether for an early departure from the U.S. or a late return from the tour, that individual must contact School Time Travel.

Accommodations: Program prices listed in the tour offering are based on quad student rates, with roommates assigned at the discretion of the organizing group. School Time Travel is not responsible for the arrangement of roommates. Group organizers, and adult chaperones will be housed in doubles. Adults 24 years of age or older will be billed for obligatory room accommodations. Adults who request single accommodations are required to pay for that service, and will be billed accordingly. Individuals will be notified by School Time Travel and are obliged to pay the cost of any rooming fees as shown below. Final rooming configurations are determined approximately 30 days prior to departure. “Home-town” groups will room together whenever possible, but should be prepared to share rooms with members of other “home-town” groups if necessary. Rooming configurations may vary from hotel to hotel.

Double rooms: Double room accommodations at hotels, if available, are at a charge of $95 per night for all tours.

Program Tuition Includes: Round-trip air transportation, quad rooms in Three Star or Four Star hotels, private baths guaranteed, ground transportation/sightseeing , continental breakfasts and dinners daily except as noted in itinerary. Lunches are included only where noted specifically in itinerary. Sightseeing as indicated in itineraries, subject to restrictions beyond School Time Travel’s control such as seasonality, closing times, holidays, special events, strikes, traffic conditions or inclement weather, services of a specially-trained School Time Travel representative unless otherwise noted, and port taxes, all tips and gratuities except those for tour guide.

Program Tuition Does Not Include: U.S. passport fees, visa fees, border fees, foreign airport arrival/departure taxes (foreign arrival/departure taxes will be pre-billed to clients whenever possible, as a convenience), domestic airport taxes or customs hall charges, airline-imposed fees, fuel surcharges, weekend (Fri, Sat and Sun) air travel surcharges, special airport security fees, any applicable currency surcharges, porterage, tips for tour guide and long-distance bus drivers, baggage fees, overnight lodging and transportation and other expenses related to airline rescheduling or delays, personal expenses, gifts, laundry, valet service and unscheduled activities.

Entrance fees, beverages, lunches, optional excursions or field trips, guided shore excursions on cruises, transportation to/from dinners, theater performances and tours are included only when specified in the itinerary.

School Time Travel tours are designed with teenage students in mind. Most tours involve a lot of walking. Traveling with School Time Travel is not recommended for individuals, who have difficulty walking, climbing stairs, carrying baggage, or otherwise requiring special assistance. Special menus can be arranged, however, School Time Travel requires advance notice of a minimum of 90 days notice. Special medical supervision cannot be provided by School Time Travel and is the responsibility of the organizing group.

School Time Travel programs are educational in nature. Groups consisting mainly of adults may wish to consider paying a supplement to guarantee a modified, “all-adult” program.

For additional information, please see the Release & Agreement appearing on the reverse side of your application. This agreement and the above terms cannot be modified except in writing by an officer of School Time Travel. No verbal modification shall have any validity.

School Time Travels’ 2019-2020 Release & Agreement

I am an applicant or a parent/guardian of a student for a tour with School Time Travel, and acknowledge and agree to the following conditions binding upon myself, and upon my parents or guardians if I am a minor, and upon School Time Travel, LLC.

1. Responsibility. School Time Travel is responsible only for the acts or omissions of its employees. Each tour begins with the departure from the designated location and ends upon completion and the return to the designated location (with the exception of land-only arrangements, which starts at the first hotel and ends with completion of services at the last hotel).

2. School Time Travel cannot be responsible for events beyond its control, including, without limitation, acts of God, war, strikes or government restrictions, or for any other circumstances of force majeure; nor, in the absence of its own negligence, for personal injury, accidents, death, property damage or loss, delay or inconvenience caused by persons not controlled by School Time Travel, including, without limitation, airlines, bus companies, railways, hotels, restaurants, taxis, group leaders, or any other agency, company or individual.

3. School Time Travel is not responsible for loss of a government-issued passport, travel documents or airline tickets, loss or damage to luggage or any other personal belongings, or for consequential damages in any event. I understand the airlines’ diverse policies concerning lost air tickets, and I accept financial responsibility for replacement of my ticket should it become lost. It is also my responsibility to pursue any refund directly from the airline.

4. School Time Travel reserves the right to cancel any participant at any time for reasons which appear to be valid in its sole judgment. School Time Travel shall have the right, without refund, to send home (on notice to parent or guardian for minors) at his/her own expense, and without escort, any student or adult who does not adhere to School Time Travels’ code of conduct, or who infringes upon others’ enjoyment of the tour. I agree to release School Time Travel, its agents and employees, my local school and school district, and the group leader from all claims arising out of such events, acts, or omissions.

5. I understand that if I am expelled from school, or if I am under other disciplinary measures instituted by my teacher, school or other authorities, or if I fail to meet the requirements for this tour as set forth by my teacher, school, school administrators or others, I could be declared ineligible to participate in the tour. My application may be cancelled, and I will be subject to the cancellation/refund policy published in the Terms and Conditions. I agree to comply with all instructions of my group organizer.

6. School Time Travel is not responsible for me when I am absent from School Time Travel scheduled activities. I understand I will be required to pay for any damage or injury, whether accidental or willful, caused by me while on a School Time Travel tour. If by my acts or omissions I cause or threaten to cause damage of any kind whatsoever to third parties, I accept full responsibility. Further, in the event of such damage or loss, I agree to indemnify and hold School Time Travel harmless from any and all actions taken by third parties for said damages and loss.

7. If I become ill, injured or incapacitated during my tour, School Time Travel will do whatever it deems necessary to preserve my health and safety including, without limitation, obtaining medical treatment for me at my expense, and/or transporting me at my own or my parents’ expense back to my home for medical reasons. I agree to pay or reimburse any extra expenses incurred on my behalf by my group leader or other group members for medical or other reasons. I also understand that emergency medical insurance is complimentary as part of my selected program.

8. Any photographs, films or videotapes taken of me while participating in a School Time Travel tour and/or any of my comments or statements may be freely used in School Time Travels’ published materials, without compensation and without liability.

9. If I wish to withdraw from a School Time Travel tour, I must do so individually in writing. Any refund to which I may be entitled is given by the “2013-2014 Terms and Conditions”. No exceptions to the Terms and Conditions will be made.

10. School Time Travel reserves the right to discontinue a tour due to low enrollment or other reasons, and/or make certain changes in departure dates, cities, the order of an itinerary, activities, hotels, group leader assignments, airlines, determination of flight routings, services, fees or other itinerary modifications as may be required, in its sole discretion. Such changes are not grounds for withdrawal with a full refund, or for refunds after the tour. If tour features are unavailable for any reason, substitutions will be made whenever possible.

11. If my tour is sponsored by my school, school board, school district, individual school administrator, or local municipality, I will be notified of this fact. Otherwise, I understand that my tour is not officially sponsored, contracted, paid for, or regulated by any of these groups or individuals, even though my school may, as a convenience, allow the use of school premises for planning the tour. I hereby and expressly waive all claims against any such groups or individuals that might arise out of the tour, or relate to it in any manner, including changes in school/school board administrative policies concerning “school” travel trips.

12. I am responsible for obtaining and carrying a current passport with an expiration date not less than six months after my return date, and any necessary visas for the countries I am to visit. My inability to obtain such documents shall not constitute grounds for cancellation without penalty. The standard refund policy applies. School Time Travel will not be held responsible if I am unable to obtain the necessary travel documents for participation in the program. I understand that I must allow School Time Travel a minimum of 30 days notice for any documents from the company that may be required to obtain a visa.

13. I understand that this Agreement is expressly between me and School Time Travel, and that it can not be modified by a third party, including my group organizer, school, or school board. I understand that School Time Travel is not responsible for third party errors, and that School Time Travel strictly adheres to published policies, including those published in the Terms and Conditions. No exceptions will be made to this Agreement or to the Terms and Conditions. Any modification or extension of this Agreement by School Time Travel must be made in writing by an officer of School Time Travel.

14. In the event any part of this contract is found to be legally void or unenforceable, then such part will be stricken but the rest of this document will be given full force and effect.

15. School Time Travel recommends that parents/guardians purchase Trip Insurance. There are many options, and although School Time Travel does not represent any of these companies, we do recommend Travel Insurance for all of our clients. is a broker representing 21 different insurance carriers, including CSA Travel Protection, MedJet Assist and Travelex, to suggest just a few.